Welcome To The CryptoSheikhs Club

The very first Pixel Art NFT from Dubai. Be a Sheikh and join the Sheikhs on their ambitious ventures in the real and the virtual world.

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Episode 1

CryptoSheikhs was able to generate an amazing group of long term holders along with an amazing and helpful community that loves this collection. 10K supporters on Instagram,Twitter & Discord within 2 months. Along with this an astounding number of fake CryptoSheikh collections , which were dealt with.

Episode 2

CryptoSheikhs NFT was able to generate more than 130,000$ profits in resells for its traders with only 10% of holders selling their CryptoSheikh. Also CryptoSheikhs were able to keep the zero losses trend going.

Episode 3

To reach till 1 ETH floor CryptoSheikhs had to break the 0.05 ETH > 0.1 ETH  >  0.25 ETH  >  0.5ETH  >  0.75 ETH and finally 1 ETH Mark within 60 days. Along with this the collection reached 72 ETH volume with only 85 cryptosheikhs out for trade.


About CryptoSheikhs

CryptoSheikhs was originally started as an independent project on the NFT Assets Marketplace in June 2021. Moved to Opensea in August 2021. A total of 1000 CryptoSheikhs are created out of which 500 will be available to trade and the remaining 500 will be sold on special requests only. Each CryptoSheikh allows you access to the MONEY CLUB which helps you network with other sheikhs and learn about the business/financial upcomings in the market.



Benefits of Owning A CryptoSheikh

Free NFTs : Get totally free NFTs from new projects created by NFT Assets Lab(Creator CryptoSheikhs) and sell them for a profit.


Rental Fees : CryptoSheikhs has a Zed Run Style game under development and you as an owner can play aswell as rent out your cryptosheikh to players who are interested to play. Which helps you earn not only rentals but also games rewards(Coming Soon)

Access to MetaVerse : Owning a CryptoSheikh will allow you access to a decentraland type of metaverse where you own properties and can earn rents on these virtual properties well.(Coming Soon)

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